Chris Padgett

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For over a decade I have been doing ministry around the country. It has been such a blessing. Using the medium of music and message I have attempted to communicate the truth of Christ’s love and forgiveness in a way that makes a difference. First with Scarecrow and Tinmen and then for over the last eight years on my own, I have been doing ministry. It has been amazing to connect with kids and adults in various parishes and youth events around the world. Doing keynotes and concerts, writing articles or giving interviews, it has all been utilized to convey the importance of who Jesus is and what He has, is and will do in the lives of His people.



As for what is to come, I am open to whatever, wherever, and whenever. Whatever He wants that is what I want, wherever He desires me to be, that is where I wish to be, and whenever He chooses for it to happen, that is when I wish it to happen as well. If our paths cross, it is my prayer that you aren’t entertained as much as drawn into a deeper intimacy with Jesus. I am entrusting this ministry to Mary’s intercession. I figure if she can bring us closer to her Son, then she will certainly take me to the places I need to be at, in order to share Christ’s love.