THANKS SO MUCH for supporting The Presence!


— OR —

Make checks payable to:
Diocese of Kalamazoo with ‘The Presence’ in the memo.

Mail to:
Diocese of Kalamazoo c/o George Dragan
215 N. Westnedge Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

What does your donation buy?
Here are just a few ways your dollars cover the expenses of The Presence……

$1500 = T-SHIRTS!
The kids look great in them on the last day! And they wear them into the world.

$450 = PIZZA!
What do teens want at 10:00 PM? More food! Bring on the pizza for all.

$100 = CANDLES!
Hey, we’re Catholic. We like candles. And they make the Burning Bush used for the monstrance look awesome!

$500 = A PLACE TO SIT! We do a lot of racing around, but at some point we gotta sit, and we rent a lotta chairs!

Well, very little sleep, and only a few people, mainly the band.

$150 = GAS!
Many of our awesome guest speakers make a trek to get to us. They fuel our event with love and we fuel their car!

$200 = COFFEE!
We go through a lot of it. The fabulous chaperones that come from each parish give up their weekend and a lot of sleep. Help them stay awake.

$5,000 = THE BAND!
Full Armor Band has been with us since the first year and they really rock it out.

A ton of workers go into the weekend. What would we do without the bus driver to drive the boys to their sleep area e at the end of the night?

$4,500 = THE EATS!
EMA Catering does a fantastic job for us but it costs lots of money to fill up teenagers. $4,500 is about half the food bill for the weekend.

‘The Presence is such an awesome experience and
opportunity! The event has helped me to grow in so many
different ways. You always hear that “Jesus loves you,” but
it’s an entirely different experience when you know in your
very heart your worth and His infinite love for you.
This retreat has laid the groundwork for my faith life and
relationship with God that I have carried with me to college.
Even if you are considering going on this retreat, do it!
I promise you won’t regret it!’
– Sara, four-time attendee



‘I had a wonderful time at the presence. It really opened
my heart to see through other peoples’ eyes in the light
of Jesus Christ. I am forever thankful for this experience
and the friends I have strengthened bonds with since.’
– Maggie, first time at The Presence