You are invited to become a spiritual lever!

A lever (palanca) is a body, typically a metal bar, pivoted on a fixed fulcrum used to move or lift a load. We use a lever to overcome a resistance.
In many other Catholic circles, for example the Cursillo movement, a palanca is a spiritual force represented by voluntary prayers and sacrifices which are done either by individuals or communities to obtain the grace of conversion. In the same way that a lever allows a person to lift a weight that is beyond his physical strength., the prayers and sacrifices of the palanca allow a disciple to accomplish more than they could on their own. The prayers and sacrifices are offered as intercessory prayer to help a person or group of people to overcome the resistance to grace.
“There’s a mysterious respect the Lord has for the human free will. He will not (and cannot) force us to to choose him and love him. Yet, when we use our free will on behalf of others, we somehow can influence the free will of those other people. How this happens, we still don’t know. Still, because of this influence we can have on one another, Jesus and Mary constantly plead with us to pray and and to offer up our sufferings, especially for unrepentant sinners.” (Father, Michael Gaitley, Consoling the Heart of Jesus pg. 74)
In order to be a palanca or spiritual lever, you are asked to offer prayers and sacrifices. The work of the palanca takes place in your inner spiritual life. The fruit of the palanca will be in the hearts of those attending the Presence Retreat, February 9-11, 2018.
It can be a very powerful experience for those whom the prayers are offered to see first hand how many are praying for and supporting them. This is known as “sending palancas”. The “sent palanca” can be in the form of a letter, poster or email.
Where do you come in?
Please, prayerfully consider offering a palanca in the form of a prayer or sacrifice committed to interceding for those attending the Presence Retreat and asking for the grace of conversion in their lives. If you would like, you may also “send a palanca” in the form of a letter, poster, flyer, (use your creativity!) so that our young people have a physical experience of seeing how they are a part of the universal church which is supporting them in prayer.
Please send your “palanca” to:
Sheryl O’Connor
℅ Holy Family Healthcare
301 N. Center
Hartford, MI 49057
 We will display them for the teens during the retreat!

Click here for the Palanca Letter — send it to your friends and family!